What’s VPS Hosting?

vps is a type of server that uses virtualization technology to divide the hardware of the physical server into multiple virtual servers that are on the physical infrastructure.

First, the system administrator traditionally has only one physical server and only used for one purpose. For virtualization, one server deploy multiple servers on one physical server. Each server can have its own purpose and different system.

This can increase the flexibility of the system by observing the configuration software that you can run. In addition, this can provide significant benefits in terms of the scale in terms of process performance (process performance), ram, and disk space at a lower price than with a physical device conventional.

Hospitality like this
To date, there are three types of site Hospitality Indonesia: vps, shared Server, and saws. What’s the difference? Helen is a full discussion about the type of hospitality she.

The Sale Of Shares Hosting

Be a greeter is a service for beginners. Hosted sing this type provides a single operating system (ex.Linux) that the system of a particular distribution (ex. centos) and have the software basic configuration that uses most of the customers (Apache, Lipps, processor, mysql, php).

As the name suggests, a platform co-hosted using the co-hosting, which means that all the clients share the server resources such as core cpu, ram and hard drive (HD).

If You want to return home, the kind of hospitality this is the same infrastructure, but the customer has the opportunity to create the space he needed to sell to customers, without major investments in hardware or software.

Hostesses the public has a low cost and offer Hosting to the Internet with a structured environment in accordance with the standards and most will depend on the needs of the customer. When You use this host, there is only a small gap for the user to customize it or activate the application that are not normally run on your shared hosting.

If You already use a host with a good reputation, should be providing hospitality services on the highest specifications, which in General, the Combined redundancy as dual power supply, processor, multiple hard drives, multiple hard drives for heat setting (one additional set).If You are using colleagues, security and administration will be on the Treatment of corporate.